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Wood & Industrial Pipes

Reasons why we believe it’s the perfect combination!


1. Achieve that classy industrial design with ease.

The industrial chic look highlights the stripped back architectural details of a space. Its beauty is achieved with a brew of warmth, mixed textures, and simple structuring in the space. This style has grown popular and can look good anywhere but where do we even begin?

Not all spaces are built for or according to the industrial theme but you can perfect it by garnishing your space with some industrial pipe decor and furniture that'll enhance your home beyond your expectations.

Industrial themed furniture centers around its functionality and the combination of textured materials, transporting us back to the Industrial Revolution where galvanised metal meets reclaimed wood and exposed Edison light bulbs.

The classic combination of wood and industrial pipes lets you achieve the industrial chic design easily by embracing the rawness of the wood, the black structure of industrial pipes and intimate warm lighting. To top it all off, adorn your space with plants for a beautiful contrast between the earthy greens and the industrial nature of the furniture.

2. Enjoy both style and functionality - the best of both worlds.

If you have ever had to choose between prioritizing how good it looks versus how well it works, you won’t be worrying about that with this power couple. Wood and pipes don't just look good together, they work amazingly well together. Our industrial grade pipes are great beams of support for our sturdy wood tops. The smooth finishing for both materials make it very easy for cleaning and maintenance.

With its multi-purposeful features, these same materials can be used to build a wide range of products - shelving units, tables, chairs, candle holders, chandeliers - you name it.

3. You never have to say goodbye.

Every piece can be easily assembled so this can also be a fun DIY project for you and your family. Although the industrial pipes and wood are joined together and sometimes mounted into your home, it still allows you to easily unscrew and disassemble them so you won’t have to worry about leaving them behind when you relocate homes.

And if you impulsively rearrange furniture when you’re stressed, these pieces can also come with wheels to make that convenient for you.

4. Customise them to fit your space and meet your needs.

The combination of wood and pipes are amazing for custom made furniture as they can be easily altered and modified to fit your needs and your space. Sometimes scouting for the perfect size can be dreadful and maybe even impossible but this duo can come in different dimensions and sometimes even shapes. If you have an underutilised corner that bothers you, let the pipes and wood do its thing.

Our favourite customisations are elevating the height of your furniture or adding wheels to them for easier vacuuming underneath.

Beyond physical versatility, both wood and pipes can either be left with a gorgeous clear stain or any other stains of your choice. With a wide range of coatings available, you can get creative with how you want your piece to stand out.

5. Durable for you and sustainable for the environment.

These galvanised pipes and solid plywood are sure to stand the test of time. This specific solid plywood has outdone most other plywoods and particle boards amongst the assortment of reclaimed wood available. It consists of layers of recycled wood reengineered together resulting in a durable piece that does not deteriorate with age. This reduces the need for replacing your home pieces, making them both environmentally-friendly and sustainable.

Locally handmade here at Diysigner.

This incredible style of home decor and furniture is chic, functional, adaptable and sustainable. While excelling in so many aspects that satisfy your needs and space, that does not mean it’ll have to take much out of the bank. Comparatively, it is still much more reasonably priced than the usual furniture retailers out there. These materials come so raw and natural that we will be able to stage your space without such exorbitant costs.

At Diysigner, we journey with you from coming up with your very own design, coming down to your space to ensure it best suits your needs and fabricating it just the way you like it. Get creative with your space and have a fun and fulfilling experience with us.


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