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Knick Knack Shelf

She came to us wanting to design her very own shelving system. This was meant to display all her knick knacks. She got creative and used her space unconventionally which made for such a statement piece in view upon entering her home.


Dining Lights

This couple had always dreamt of revamping their entire space, so we did! We designed their home cohesively with our pieces scattered across the halls and bedrooms. Here's a snippet of their dining lights where they requested for a piece that would extend across the table. These bulbs are dimmable so this is perfect for both an intimate and well lit occasion. 


Open Closet

A gentleman approached us with an idea to give his daughters that walk in closet every girl has always dreamed of. We did what we could by fabricating an open concept wardrobe to be suitable enough for what space they have and to accommodate to their drawers!


Plants Shelf

Having a passion for plants, this gentleman shared with us that he wanted to display his collection artistically. Taking his passion for gardening into consideration, we created a piece that's uniquely made just for him - able to hang all and store all his accessories and tools. 

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