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The Materials We Use




Industrial grade pipes and solid plywood are the ingredients to Merci Manzel's signature style. While we love the look, versatility and customisability of these materials, it is their durability, functionality and portability that make them ideal for any home or workspace. 

The solid plywood you see featured in our products are layers of recycled wood reengineered to create a sturdy 2.5cm piece. It comes in a variety of stains that you can choose from. If you’re a fan of natural finishing, we have clear stains to protect your wood. Apart from giving your furniture a presentable finish, this eco-friendly material is also extremely sturdy and can sustain weights ranging from books, kitchen appliances, and electronic devices such as televisions and consoles. You could even use it for storage organisation. So rest assured, any Merci Manzel piece is a timeless one.


Accompanying our wood, industrial galvanised pipes are also yet another sturdy material we love to use in our pieces. These pipes are great for introducing a touch of industrial chic into your space. Its steel nature ensures it can hold anything ranging from shelves to racks for your bicycles or even your body weight if pull ups are your thing. The galvanised feature minimises rust and makes it for easy cleaning and maintenance. The utilisation of pipes in furniture allows easy assembly and disassembly. That makes all of our pieces made at Merci Manzel very easy to transport if you ever decide to relocate spaces. Like our solid plywood, our pipes can also come in different coloured coatings that you can customise for your aesthetic and practical needs. 


The combination of the natural wood and steel pipes create a beautiful contrast. You can’t go wrong with this industrial chic look.


Want to check out these materials yourself? Head on down to our warehouse at Synergy@KB or click here to book a free consultation with us. We look forward to creating beautiful functional pieces for your space!




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