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Our Vision

To be the ultimate destination for interior improvements and customisations. We are committed to helping our clients achieve their dream spaces for their homes, workspaces, and recreational areas with our brand’s industrial themed specialty.


Our Mission

We pledge to provide quality, long-lasting, and timeless products that are both functional and stylish. At Merci Manzel, we constantly evolve to meet our clients' needs and the latest trends, with a focus on integrating ergonomics into all our products.

The Brand

Merci Manzel lets you live within the four walls of your imagination with ready made products and custom products for any space you envision it to be in. A dream walk in closet, an under utilised wall in need of a metamorphosis, a new rustic element to make your bathroom come alive - it’s in your hands, and ours. 

An aficionado of wood and industrial pipes, Merci Manzel prides itself in producing quality and lasting bespoke products. We cater to your needs and your space, tackling your everyday issues to make your space personal and to make your life much easier.


Why Merci Manzel?

We strive to create spaces that promote productivity in style. A conducive space helps you achieve efficiency - even if its as simple as elevated furnitures so cleaning doesn't take too much out of your day.


Locally handmade right here in Singapore, this means we can control quality, lead time and everything else from design to installation.


Having surveyed several e-commerce platforms where industrial themed furniture and home decors are available, we realised that most times the item you're buying is not all inclusive. This makes it a hassle since you would have to source for the different parts elsewhere. Sometimes, your order takes a month to get to you, only to receive something that does not look like what you ordered.


We aim to make this a fulfilling experience for you with our customisation services as well.. Be your own interior designer by creating your very own unique pieces to adorn your home. There is so much that can be done with industrial pipes and wood.

The space that surrounds us dictates the way we live - our productivity, our happiness, our state of mind. Which is why we are committed to meeting these aspects with every project we undertake - ergonomics, comfort, durability and safety and practicality. 

The Founders

Founded by a father-daughter duo, we strongly believe that a conducive environment is important when adopting a healthy and happy lifestyle, setting up a space with not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional pieces that satisfies both wants and needs. It’s the best of both worlds.

We have experienced and struggled over the years to find the balance as well. It is more than just furniture or home goods, we believe it dictates your way of life. When a space is inconvenient or disorganised, there is loss of motivation and productivity. 

Elevated pieces allows easy access, space saving products to encourage minimalistic lifestyles, multi-purposeful shelves to cultivate good organisation systems in your home - among many other things. 

Upon getting in touch with us, we take the time to get to know your space and your lifestyle to ensure the products fit your needs. Eager to add our own personal touches, we provide ideas to solve any issues you bring up with us.


Having had over 40 years of experience in the art of not only fabrication of furniture pieces but also in providing solutions to everyday problems, your space is in good hands. Our builder always throws in some extra magic too to improve your space. 

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How To Get Started?

Get a free consultation with us on how to make your space better and productive as you pursue success. We can set up your desired space in your home, your office or anywhere else really.


Just let us know how you want it.


Your Interior Tailor


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