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5 Furniture Pieces You Need To Work From Home

Make your #WFH work for you.


The space that you surround yourself with has a big influence on your mental state. And we'll be the first to admit that #WFH has our souls feeling cooped up. It can be harder to be productive where you rest than at the office where you have a dedicated space to work at.

Your shared space with other household members can not only cause distractions but also make it all too easy for clutter to accumulate. Doing work in bed isn't always a solution for comfort but in fact the opposite. Fret not for Diysigner has 5 pieces that will help make your #WFH easier!

1. The L-Shaped Work Desk

The first quintessential item for your workspace at home would be the perfect work desk. Our L - shaped work desk comes with a wide and long table top that provides ample space for when you need to lay out all your documents to crack a case! Increase productivity and practice healthy boundaries for yourself and your family members by setting up your very own corner office to avoid distractions.

There's so much space, you can place everything you need here - a printer, all your necessary devices, and maybe even a water dispenser to stay hydrated!

2. The Rolling Shelf

Files, books and stationaries can pile up and cause a mess, making it difficult to look for the documents you need. Organise and categorise all your office related materials in these trolleys. The trolleys can be stowed away underneath the desk in the ample leg room provided. Since it comes with wheels, it makes pulling it out and getting whatever you need really easy!

3. The Tray Table

Before 2020, none of us could have even imagined attending meetings in our pajamas or attending online classes straight from our beds. For those of you who have embraced this aspect of the sudden work from home situation, this tray table snugly sandwiches your bed and acts as a makeshift mini desk so you can continue to attend Zoom meetings from underneath your blankets.

Sturdy enough to hold both your laptop and your morning coffee, this piece is also great for those of us whose homes are tight on space where carving out a separate work area can be difficult.

4. The Display Shelf

If your workspace or rolling shelf is overcrowded by thick binder files and stacks of documents, this 6 tier open concept shelving unit will help you organise all your documents and work files in a way that allows easy access. The black industrial pipes secures the unit to the wall so you won't have to worry about the shelf toppling over and being buried under work. Literally.

Once you have the opportunity to return all the bulky documents to their rightful resting place in the office filing cabinet, this statement piece is also an ideal way to showcase your precious possessions and knick knacks.

5. The Multi Purpose Rack

A rack dedicated to your work related lifestyle makes it all the more easier to prepare for your day. This staggered rack wardrobe doubles as both a wardrobe and work shelf. Use the shelves to store all your work essentials and accessories and the rods to hang all your work outfits. Keep your go-to blazer readily available so that you can throw it on for a last minute meeting anytime.

We believe these Diysigner pieces will not only get you through your #WFH workweek but also increase productivity. Create a conducive environment for yourself to enjoy your WFH routine. Loved these pieces but need custom solutions to suit your unique needs? Reach out to us via our website, Instagram or Facebook to concoct your own.


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