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Our chandeliers can fulfill all your dreams of ever owning one without breaking the bank. Made of industrial pipes, its rustic charm transcends the conventional features of any other chandelier. Just as the bulbs do, the pipes bring warmth and intimacy, making your space cozy and alluring. 


This adorable piece is uniquely crafted with 7 bulbs facing in rotational directions. You can place this in your dining area or TV room and captivate everyone’s attention regardless.  

Rotating Bulbs

  • Dimensions: 60cm x 60cm (L x H)


    What is inclusive?


    All industrial pipe parts



    [As shown in the picture]


    Default color:

    Black industrial pipes


    Customizations are allowed;

    • Changing the color
    • Changing dimensions

    Charges may apply. 


    Do reach out to us instead via email with your requested customizations and we will get back to you with the updated price.

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