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Your industrial themed space is not just for you but can be for your fur friends too. This piece allows you to slot in 2 bowls for both food and water. Its elevated nature ensures they don't have to bend too low when having their meal - especially if you have taller pets. 

Pet accessories can sometimes be contrasting with the rest of your home so this is the perfect way for even your pets to live in style with you! Its decorative, stylish and functional. 

Pet Bowl

  • Dimensions: 40cm x 15cm x 10cm (L x W x H)


    What is inclusive?

    All industrial pipe parts

    Wood Piece

    [As shown in the picture]

    *Not inclusive of pet bowl - please provide us with your pet bowl sizes so that we can make minor adjustments to the dimensions. 


    Default color:

    Clear stained wood

    Black industrial pipes


    Customizations are allowed;

    • Changing the color
    • Changing dimensions

    Charges may apply. 


    Do reach out to us instead via email with your requested customizations and we will get back to you with the updated price.

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