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Shelves add personality to your space. Be it in the books displayed, the picture frames, the lavender scented candles or your favourite spices. Let that personality have style too with a beautiful industrial fusion of brown and black. Sometimes we don't know what to do with a corner and this solves it. This unique design is sure to turn heads when you have visitors. 


Perfect in the living room or bedroom, this shelving unit allows you to have fun with your customized space.

Staggered Corner Shelf

  • Dimensions: 45cm x 20cm x 60cm (L x W x H)


    Features: Mounted to two walls in a corner


    Default wood: Compressed Wood (23mm in thickness)


    What is inclusive?


    All industrial pipe parts

    [As shown in the picture]


    Default color:

    Coffee brown stained wood

    Black industrial pipes


    Customizations are allowed;

    • Changing type of wood used
    • Changing the color
    • Changing dimensions

    Charges may apply. 


    Do reach out to us instead via email with your requested customizations and we will get back to you with the updated price.

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