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The Akheysh bar stool is perfect to place by the bar at your restaurant or home for a little industrial flair. It’s sleek legs accentuates it’s tall and slender nature and the wood framed seat is inviting and sure to stir the interest of your guests.

Akheysh in Gold

  • Diameter of seat: 39cm

    Height from ground to seat: 75cm 

    Backrest: 39cm x 20cm (L x H)

    Overall Height: 100cm

    *These dimensions are customisable according to your bar table top.


    Default wood: Compressed Wood (23mm in thickness)


    What is inclusive?


    All industrial pipe parts

    [As shown in the picture]


    Default color:

    White of your choice

    Gold industrial pipes


    Customizations are allowed;

    • Changing type of wood used
    • Changing the color
    • Changing dimensions

    Charges may apply. 


    Do reach out to us instead via email with your requested customizations and we will get back to you with the updated price.

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